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"What is Order Fulfillment"

Steps involved in Receiving, Inventory Storage, Processing, Shipping orders to (B2B) & (D2C) orders and Return Processing.

Receiving: First step in getting your product to the customer.

                    * Verifying counts

                    * Inspect for damages

                    * Add products into "WMS"

                    * Let our "WMS" create bar codes if they do not have them

Inventory Storage: Proper inventory storage is important for maximizing the accuracy and efficiently of the order.

Order Processing: First step in processing, is receiving an order. With the ability to receive orders multiple ways, we can fit your system. Once the order is processed it moves into the picking stage and over to the packing station.

Shipping: Here it's prepped for delivery to the customer. We can utilize our discounted shipping rates with all the major carriers, or by using the given choice of transit of the customer. Once completed, our "WMS" will notify you  with the shipping information.


Return Processing: The final step in the process, know one like to talk returns. We build our policy to follow your guidelines. 

US Ground Shipping map
UPS Ground Shipping

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