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We have a long history in building high performance and custom cars and trucks. The gallery below is a small sample of the past and current builds. We will continue to update this page, showing  the past history and where we will be headed in the future. Stay tuned, its going to be exciting!!! 

Lets start the journey, we are headed back a decades into the 80's. I was just a young pup in June of 83. The family was at the famous Coney Island in Cincinnati, Ohio, where Super Chevy magazine took notice to the beautiful "Blue Ditzler lacquer paint. Jerry Haynes of Haines Auto Body, laid the slickest blue and white paint. This original 69' Z28, was born again. This Z started life with the 302ci, single 4 barrel and 4 speed. After a few years of light cruising, need for speed hit. Here is where, Kelly started the transformation. In came the 427ci, 11.5:1 pistons and a .620 lift cam. Topped with a dual tunnel ram and two Holley carbs. The interior remained stock, with the clean factory look. Besides having a strong passion for vehicles this "front page" story had him locked for years to come. As many know, this car was changes a few times. The last know where abouts of the "ECSTA-Z" was in Lima, Ohio in 1999. If you have it hiding in a garage let us know!! We would love to hear from you.. 

Moving forward a few years into 1986. The need to be faster, quickly over came Kelly. Here comes "Under Pressure" a 1967 Blown Big Block Camaro. This street machine did not only pound the quarter mile drag strip. It was "undefeated" in the "ISCA Great Lakes Division" show car circuit. Sporting a 0.060 over 454 cubic inch big block,with a 6-71 Weiand blower. Out fitted with 4 side draft Mikuni carbs, we've heard so many stories: It won't run, doesn't start ect. I'm able to let all the doubters know at 3100lbs in 1987 "Under Pressure laid down consistent time of 10:30et @ 130 mph. Besides having top notch drive line and accessories the 67 sported, candy paint. Beautiful gold and yellow graphics and 2 ounces of real gold lettering. Kelly and Jim Ray of Hawkins Speed Shop developed a great friendship while building this car. Jim was kind enough for Kelly to do testing in his brand new "Prostock 87 Camaro" the first time Kelly broke the 180 mph barrier.

Over the next several years, Kelly's passion turned to the "ISCA" circuit. That where Kelly continued to push to stay at the fore front of looks and trends. As things happen and kids are raised. Kelly set aside his passion for motorsports and turned the focus to of coaching youth sports. As they say it just starts with one, before you know it your coaching two sports and assisting a third!! Thank you Dad!!! 


All grown up now, dad hands the reins over to me. I can remember it like it was yesterday, fall of 1994. At a little drag strip on the westside of Cincinnati, OH. After the first pass on an original 1967 Pontiac Firebird 400, he tossed the keys over "its you now". That first pass was like no other, not impressive. But what was born, was a passion so strong words can't explain. I'm truly "blessed". Throughout high school, dad and I built many cars and trucks. Everyone wishes they had their first car back. Well your not alone, here it is. 1982 Chevy S10, there are a few more builds we enjoyed together. It's unfortunate that I don't have pictures for them all.    


Circa 1999, it was time to get serious. We officially started our "Motorsports" operation, over the years I've been fortunate to drive a wide assortment race cars. Turn our clock back to the fall of 1999, Lima Land Speedway. I've never been in an open wheel modified, but they believed in me. First night in the car, started on the tail and did not finish last or a lap down. One of the biggest victories, I've had!!

Dirt Modified racecar
Dirt Modified racecar

After five years of beating, banging and long nights in the garage. It was time for me to hang dirt racing up, mind you I'd go back in a heart beat!! Now the tides have changed some, I have my first child. It was time to go back to fabricating and building. Dad bought his first Chevy II wagon, going to build a summer car to drive back and forth to work. Haha, it started that way. We were bored one Friday night and cruised over to test and tune. Mistake, no just finding the passion to build again. About a month later that 63 was back halfed and caged, to NHRA specs. I was very pleased how it turned out, stilled showed a small 8" wheel. Thanks to Branham Automotive for the cut down rear end. I just happened to have a 377 cubic inch, alcohol drinking small block that was left over from dirt racing. The next week it went 11.19 in the 1/4, straight as an arrow. Jerry, from Jerry's Auto body laid down some killer silver paint. With what Jerry called Kelly's purple stripes.  

1963 Nova wagon

Over the next couple years, we have been blessed to build and own award winning cars. I won't go into detail of every build, but please check out some of the pictures.

* Open Wheel Modified "Evansmotorsports powered"

* 1963 Chevy II Wagon "Evansmotorsports powered"

* 2003 Spitzer Dragster "BES Racing powered"

* 1970 1/2 Z28  "Real Deal" "BES Racing powered" 

photo collage
1970.5 Z28
1970 and a half Z28
Drag Race Car

After many wonderful seasons at the drag strip, was time again to slow down.  It was time to start my family, they grow up fast. After what seemed to be a short break, my "daughter's are eager to get dirty"!! Who would think ,10 and 7 year old girls would be ready to hit the dirt tracks of Southern Ohio. After a few Sunday afternoon's test sessions, they would be ready for the Saturday night lights!  

Dirty work!!
Cleaning up!
Route 68
Dirt Go Kart Racing
D, on the grid!
Maintenance between heats

With the girls growing up and finding their own passions, dad and I are back in the game! Setting up and maintenancing the karts was fun, but it wasn't building. When I found out that dad was checking out the local dealerships for new corvette to drive during the summer. I told myself, the hunt is on. Convinced dad, to give me a few days to locate something special. And did I ever nail it! He was able to purchase a 2010 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, 3LT, one owner out of a fantastic collection. With the ZR1 being all stock and less than 3,000 miles on it, we had something to work with. With less than a few hundred  produced in Cyber Gray, Kelly had to be very tasteful during the build. Anyone knowing about the Supercharged LS9, its a great platform to start with. First things first, horsepower! A trip to Lingenfelter Performance was made. After the LPE kit, Kooks Long tube headers and Corsa exhaust. It was time to take it to Skaats Precision Motorsports, were Nick's custom "road race" tune dialed in the ZR1 on the rollers. Out back sitting on one off 20"x 12" Cray wheels, wrapped in 335/25/20 Michelin Pilot sport cup 2's It's early in this build, much more to come. After this year of getting the base line numbers in, at the tracks. Knowing one thing for sure, Kelly has a lot more planned for ZR1. 

Stay tuned!! Exciting events are coming up!! SCCA Track day at Mid Ohio Sports Car Course, looking to push the ZR1 limits. The Indy Airstrip Attack, 1/2 mile side by side  drag racing will be very exciting. Hope to squeeze in a few more 1 mile events, The Arkansas mile and Wanna GOFAST in Florida. 

Thanks for taking to time to check out the past and what the future holds!!

Chris Evans  

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