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At a recent stop for lunch, I pulled into the drive-thru of fast food restaurant that I do not frequent too often. I stopped to look at the menu and sat there dumb founded for a minute. I was just a guy looking for a hot lunch. I have never seen so many options for chicken strips and a side! In today’s world we are overwhelmed by choices. Of course, there are many advantages to having all of these choices. Choices=options. You have your choices of banks, grocery stores, credit cards, restaurants, etc. and all of these services have something different to offer. As a small business owner, we must look at what we can offer to customers that gives them an advantage over our competitors. Will it be something pretty and shiny, sure to impress? Or will it be something honest and valuable, that overtime, will be much more appreciated. At K.E. Warehousing & Trucking our warehouse is not something that you will drive by and be aw-struck in its beauty. Matter of fact, you will probably drive by and not give it much notice. What you will notice, after doing business with us, is that we are a reputable family business that cares deeply for our customers. We want to give each customer the best service we can. Honestly, sometimes that makes our day very hectic. Rearranging the day’s plans for a last-minute order that a customer really needs done. At the end of the day though, it is always worth it. We take pride in our business and the success of your business. Rejoice in the options that we have available to us today but remember to stay focused on what really is going to make you the happiest in the long run. Now if you will excuse me, my spicy chicken-lettuce, mayo, pickle (hold the tomato and onion) is ready.

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