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Team work is KEY!!

Maybe you are like me-you have children that play sports year-round. Many times, they play different sports throughout the year and it is a whole different group of kids each time. Hopefully, they are learning the benefits of teamwork with each team they play on. Every coach does things a little different, but the idea of teamwork stays the same. We need teamwork in every aspect of our lives..from family, to work, to friendships. How does your work team score in the area of teamwork? Everyday our “team” at the shop gathers to get their assignments for the day. I say, “team” because we are a team. Our “team” uniforms may not have a large number across our backs, but they do have our company logo. Communication is key. We need to have a general plan in place for the day. As those plans change, we must communicate them to everyone. We need to recognize accomplishments and show appreciation. At a recent dentist appointment, I was telling the dentist what a great job one of his hygienist had done after I had received some dental work. He literally raised his voice so that all of his office staff could hear (it is a small office), told them of my compliment, and then said lunch was on him today. He received cheers. It was a small gesture but powerful! Teamwork involves knowing each players’ strengths and weaknesses. It involves input from everyone. It includes encouragement, trust and confidence. We rise as a team and we fail as a team. Someday's, our team runs like a well-oiled machine; other days it needs a tune up. Thankfully for us, there is always another game waiting for the next day. Time to huddle up and get ready to play! What have your experiences been like? Please share, so we all can helps other succeed!

Cincy Swish 2022

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