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What do you know good, today?

If you have ever met my grandma, you have heard her ask “what do you know good, today?”. This is a tough question to answer amidst everything that is going on right now. Actually, it will probably take me a few minutes to think of something. I can think of plenty of things “not good” right now. Really that is all that we can think about. It is all around us. But what if we take a moment and think about the positive things in our lives. Let’s dig deep and get focused on the good.

What do I know good, today? That I’m blessed to live in this greatest country there is. That I’m able to sit at my desk, pass along thoughts and ideas to whoever wants to look. Most importantly, I have the absolute best family one can have. For example, this picture. It’s my Grandmother Ms Davis, unfortunately my grandfather passed away many years to early. He didn’t get to see all the wonderful things my grandmother has seen. Sure, he has watched from afar. But, not near the same. Their teaching is what getting my family through it. It was different growing up only 35 years ago, didn’t have the technology to fill our heads. Not saying its all bad, but how much do we really need? We had “Duck Hunter and Mario Bros” on the Nintendo. I’d go outside and work side by side with them in the fields, garden or the yard. I learned ethics, morals and generally how to treat a person right. So, during these tough times, think back a few years. I bet many you’ll will remember the same traits they taught you too.

Grandparents always have a way of teaching us far beyond what anyone else can. I’m thankful for her wisdom and what it has taught me and my kids. So let me ask you; “what do you know good today?”.

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