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Local & Regional Trucking

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Our trucks are always on the move. K.E. Warehousing maintains a modern fleet of tractors and trailers that are fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. As always, our goal is to provide the best transportation management to our customers while ensuring timely deliveries. As a part of providing the best supply chain solutions to our clients that we can, all of our trailers in the fleet are 53 feet long to maximize your freight dollar. We also have convenient freeway access in which we operate so that we can minimize transportation costs.

We do our best to make your delivery speed as rapid as possible. We know as an experienced third-party logistics company, when your shipments do not arrive on time, your bottom line suffers. It is that sense of responsibility towards our customers that has driven us to establish the transportation methods that we use today; transportation solutions that have passed the test of real-world use.

Regional Trucking

Our Fleet

  • LTL

  • Full Truck load

  • Expedited

  • Dedicated

  • Drop Trailer Capacity

  • One stop shipping source

  • Late Model Fuel Efficient Equipment

  • 26' Liftgate Trucks

  • 53' Dry Vans

  • Drop Trailers

  • ELD Equipped Trucks

  • Live GPS Tracking/Customer Viewable

As more and more shippers look to concentrate on their core businesses and eliminate the liability that comes with fleet ownership, one popular solution has become outsourcing transportation functions through a dedicated contract with a carrier. K.E. offers dedicated fleet services which provide a customized transportation package designed to meet the specific needs of the shipper, such as specialized equipment and strict timetables.

Freight Rate Request

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