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About Us

Our mission at K.E. is to provide the highest quality professional trucking and warehousing services to our customers in the most timely, consistent and efficient manner.  Our commitment to personal service is accomplished by effectively combining and managing our key resources-innovative personnel, experience and latest technology. K.E. is the only Tear 1 Rated carrier for C.H Robinson in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area, a true testament to our commitment to timeliness. We strive to achieve extraordinary levels of client satisfaction by employing highly qualified individuals, providing them with a challenging and rewarding work environment. An environment that is responsive to their needs for balance, between their professional and personal lives.


​Our trucks are always on the move! K.E. Warehousing maintains a fully modern fleet of tractors and trailers, that are fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. As always, our goal is to provide the best transportation management to our customers while ensuring timely deliveries. We do our best to make your delivery speed as rapid as possible, as an experienced third party logistics company. We know when your shipments do not arrive on time, your bottom line suffers. It is that sense of responsibility towards our customers that has driven us to establish the transportation methods that we use today; 30 years of proven solutions that have passed the test of real world use. 

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