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K.E. Warehousing & Trucking is ready to fulfill your warehousing needs.  We provide full-service warehousing.  Cross docking, Long term storage, short term storage, kitting, container vanning and devanning…we offer all of this and much more.  On top of the services offered, our customer service is top notch.  Contact us with any questions, special requests, or to get started with K.E. today!


  • Long Term

  • Short Term

  • Finished Goods

  • Raw Material

  • Machinery

  • Cross Docking


  • Value Added

  • Order Fulfillment

  • Inventory Reporting

  • Palletizing

  • Kitting

  • Labeling

  • Assembly

  • Container De-Vanning/Vanning

The following are a few examples of how our transportation services have been integrated with our warehousing services to optimize delivery runs and to maximize our customers' convenience.

  • Dedicated plant - to - warehouse shuttles.​


  • Dedicated shuttle delivery of warehoused goods to your customers.


  • Spotting services at your plant.

Warehousing Rate Request

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