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Lost a great one!!

How does one start a short story? See it’s really difficult, when its hits so close. If you have ever done any business with K.E., you would know instantly its about “Family”. Being part of our family, as well being part of what you believe so heavy in. Or if your checking into K.E. Warehousing for future work of possible questions, I believe soon into the conversation it hits you. Wow, they care as its their own. So over the past few years, I’ve given myself a task of connecting where it started in 1988 to present.

Quick back round for those that don’t know, Kelly started it in the summer of 1988. Providing delivery service to a “large national appliance retailer” here in Cincinnati, Ohio. After a few years the service are was expanded into Columbus and Dayton, Ohio. Sixteen Trucks, Twenty drivers, probably twenty-four helpers, and my parents in the office. Growing up in the business had its perks, always a chance to earn extra money for that new baseball bat or glove. That’s how it was, wanted something extra earn it!! I loved it, I absolutely loved that part. Seeing my parents always working, seven days a week. It was always seven days a week. Phones always ringing, questions being asked and deliveries being made.

So this one week came in the summer of 1992 or 1993 my grandma is at the house helping out. Let me take a second to say, huge supporter of “dad”. Didn’t know a thing about trucking, home delivery, but believed that her son would succeed at anything. She would throw 1000% support at anything, just knowing his drive at success. Knowing a little back ground now, my folks finally are able to take a few days. Yes, much needed!! Of course dad is still routing the trucks the night before from the hotel room. But my “Grandma” was managing the phones!!! Grandma Helen, somewhere around sixty years old, now is talking phone calls about home delivery. Remember, no idea about it. But the calls needed to be answered. Boy the first day did not disappoint, lord know how many calls she answered. It was early into the second day!!! Well lets just say “Grandma Helen” didn’t agree with what one of the customers reported about, our delivery crew. I’m not for sure what all was said, but my take was don’t ever mess with “Helen”.

So before the end of the day, “Se_

rs” has got in touch with dad. During that conversation they requested that he let go of dispatch personnel. Little did they know it was his sixty year old mom filling in for them, but hey they got a few days off. We’ve spoke of that story a time or two through the years. I always like to speak of where we came from, to what is now. All the hard work and support from everyone is what makes K.E. Warehousing what it is today.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I got to talk about this little story last week. Share it with wonderful people I just met. Their looks were priceless, seeing my grandma smile one last time, is all worth it. Sunday, we lost the biggest supporter anyone could have. A mom, grandmother, great grandmother and best friend. With out her love and support, I know K.E Warehousing & Trucking would not be where its at today. From the very bottom of my heart thank you!

“Love You Grandma Helen” your favorite grandson.

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