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Out of your Comfort zone??

On numerous occasions, my wife and I have spoken to our young teenage daughters about getting out of your comfort zone. Pushing yourself to be better. This can be extremely difficult for adults and especially difficult for teenagers. It can be uncomfortable to learn a new skill, introduce yourself to new people, or walk into a new situation. When it comes to your work, have you heard the buzz word “positive disruption”? Positive disruption is exactly that. Getting out of your comfort zone. Positive

explains “…as humans we are hardwired to resist change. And yet, in our modern business world the only way for new possibilities to emerge is to stir things up.” We can all probably think of a few businesses that had to close due to there resistance for change. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if once we found something that worked well for our company, we could just keep using it forever? Instead, we are always on the edge of our seat trying to stay atop of changes in media/advertising, consumer buying habits, technology, etc. (hence how this blog began in the first place). It can be exhausting! shared an article stating that we need to focus on a 4D cycle-“…discover what’s working well, dream of what might be possible if you built upon these strengths, design pathways forward to move from where you are to where you want to be, and take actions to start realizing your destiny”. Change is inevitable. What you do with it is in your hands. We all want our businesses to keep moving forward. Fresh ideas and different perspectives are valuable to us all. At they explain “Craigslist was a disruptive innovation for classified ads. iTunes was a disruptive innovation for record stores. Even taxi service has been impacted by disruptive innovation with the introduction of ridesharing companies such as Uber and Lyft.” So as my wife and I raise two teenage daughters, I will try to keep in mind that “disruption” isn’t always a bad thing!

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