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Our First go at this!!

Lets get to know K.E. Warehousing a little bit, we may be a little late getting into the game. Way back in the 1980's, my father Kelly started the family business. I was ten that summer this all got started, knee deep in baseball and playing who knows hot new Nintendo video game. I have strong memories of dad, telling stories about his day. It all started with one box truck and a helper, Sear's appliance's here we come. Back then Sear's was a major player in the market. He would talk about carrying washers and dryers up and down flights of stairs. The best would be the big double door refrigerators, taking the doors off and on. Get them inside, then to big to fit between the cabinets. With in a few years, there I was riding in the middle. Hands on helping were I could, maybe it was just a push mower. But I was there twelve years old, learning what work was. I saw it all around with the family, from grandpa working in the fields, my grandma cooking for their farm hands. I learned early that to make it, takes hard work and long days. I'm proud of those times!!!

High school is here, sixteen and few great friends. There was always extra work for them, heck the summers were fun. Hard work during the day, hanging out with them at night. Those summers taught all of us lessons. Gave us idea's of what we wanted to do and grow into as we got older. Thirty-two years later, here I am writing our first blog. I can remember best friend Tim and I, would sit around my grandparents farm listen about farming and agriculture. All these years later, works in the agriculture community. Like I said many lives are shaped from the past. I'm sure dad, didn't think thirty-two years later his son and daughter in-law would working with him side by side. Hopefully is proud of what he done over the past years, and I'm proud to be apart of what we have done. I'm looking forward to many more incredible years, with the chance of working with my kids. I may have drifted off subject a little, but hey it's my first time. Check back weekly, we plan of talking about the future of logistics, new tech and some old history of trucking. And always remember to check us out twitter @KEWarehousing

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