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Proud to be a Truck Driver!!

For many of us, truck driving is in our blood. My grandfather drove for his own farming needs and also for a carrier. My father started out driving for an oil company. So that means, by the age of 12, I was driving tractors around my grandparent’s farm, learning how to strap down loads of coiled steel, backing up hay wagons for fun, and learning the basics of operating machinery. My grandfather and father were proud to say that they drove a truck. Not only were they proud to say it, but they showed it. They presented themselves in a professional manner. There appearance was clean and they spoke well. They had knowledge of there loads and the companies they represented. They took there profession seriously. No matter what your profession is, do it with pride. Everyone of us plays an important role in the economy of the United States and for our own selves/family. Little did I know, that when my grandfather was teaching me how to drive a truck, he was also teaching me that doing the work that you do and doing it well (and with pride) is how you succeed in life. Let's here your story!!


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