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Trucking with a four legged companion??

About 5 years ago, we rescued an English Bulldog. My two girls named her “Wiggles”-she sounds tough right? I had big plans for her. Dreams of bringing her into the shop on a regular basis, taking her places, etc. but soon realized life on the road was not for her. A friend of ours owns a kennel, and he affectionately calls her “the princess”. When I call to schedule a stay for her he will say “let me get the red carpet out”. I’m not sure who to blame…my kids, my wife... Wiggles lives the life we all want to live. She is pampered, fed well, loved, frequently naps and has no worries. It is not uncommon for me to come home and her be dressed up in a holiday bandana made by my youngest daughter. Not exactly the “shop dog” I was hoping for, but that’s okay because she has found a special place in all of our hearts. Do you have a dog (or cat) that you truck with? Are you considering getting a four legged companion to take on the road? If so, check out these tips from

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